I'm not here to do what has already been done.

For 1,000's of years, 100,000's of the world's brightest people tried to effectively understand and leverage reality / nature / evolution.

All efforts failed.

We SAW human potential unleashed via Snow Crash, The Martix, Limitless & Lucy...
Now we can LIVE it! 

Castpoints: An elegant web based infrastructure that runs abundance based societies and inspires people to be at their creative potential.

This is the first complete* system where being nice, honest, and creative,
has much greater ROI than being a fraudulent jerk. (*Pools risk, group asset allocation, conflict resolution, etc)

We flip society from scarcity based, to abundance based by INTEGRATING ALL MARKETS (tangible & Intangible)  into a practical web framework. This automatically transforms daily tasks into magical, supportive, and effective ways of life.

The current fragmented "operating systems" of government, business, and religion are relatively low ROI and can't handle exponential change.

By mimicking reality's OS, reality (a fractal market), Castpoints effectively allocates anything while reducing risk for individuals and groups. Focus shifts from controlling rotting fiefs, to aligning with what works, which unleashes human potential.

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Fragmented markets mean: gaps, which people fall through; manipulate from; use advertising to bridge; bureaucracy to try to manage, and still fail to compare things to make good decisions. A mess.

Examples of low ROI activities that don't "seem" to have an alternative:
- Voting
- Poverty (although its come a long way)
- Advertising's low conversion rates
- Medicine: 20 years(!) to assimilate that many ulcers are due to bacteria, not stress?
- Internet of Things is, still, a wantonly insecure mess

Many efforts target a "pain POINT", yet never address context. That small of SCOPE does not usually reduce fragmentation. Example: Everyone knows insurance is ripe for change, but no one has done it because current ideas are not nearly as well INTEGRATED compared to what exsists.

A linear system usually has normal distributions and obvious cause and effect. Complex adaptive systems like societies and stock markets, have fat tail distributions (black swans, serendipity, emergence, magic). Cause and effect are often only knowable in hindsight, if ever. That's often why people, who are mostly linear thinkers, get so confused.

Practically inspired...
Castpoints is a web based framework that stewards anything to maximize innate value in personal and group areas of interest and expertise. Logistics are automatically managed so effectively, they fade into the background. That includes effectively connecting & managing any number, any grouping, and any scale of any resource (people, work, goods, content, locations) - without risk of exploitation. Like silk, these relationships integrate structure and flexibility, so that participants create both practical & inspired impact.

Generally, technology speeds things up, while organization makes things more effective. Castpoints easily organizes and monetizes everything from outliers to the entire Internet Of Things; from a personal scope, to a solar system economy. It even redefines AI. The path of least resistance changes from survival and fraud, to thriving based on proven ROI.

Society benefits
· The billions of hours wasted daily on stupid stuff gets focused on doing valuable stuff.
· Disparate cultures can interact without the big ones suffocating the little ones.
· Correct, quick, and low cost systems of taxation and conflict resolution.

Individual benefits
· Have a company that is failing? Put the pieces into CP and it will automatically organize things based on proven high ROI solutions.
· Everyone can interact without fear of fraud, nor exploitation.
· Creative person? Do what you do best. Pricing, marketing, and fulfillment are automaticaly taken care of.
· Promotional person? Do what you do best. Finding great products to promote is automaticaly taken care of.
· Relax. You are not a debt slave anymore. You can make money, doing things you love, in a supportive environment.

The science
Complex adaptive systems are ~3 simple intial conditions that iterate to produce all the complexity we experience. That which maximizes future options within a context graduates to the next iteration. When cause seems divorced from effect, that effect is called "emergence" which is possible due to a critical mass of connections and nodes (Metcalf's Law). Example: Matter starts with electrons, protons and neutrons, and out emerges mountains and humming birds.

Poverty, corruption, etc. are not "problems", they are manifestations of simple initial conditions. Trying to "solve" poverty at the manifestation level rarely works long term. Sustainable change comes from altering initial conditions. Castpoints simply mimics reality's initial conditions of: integrity, add value first, and have a context (relationships; metadata).

Genetic algorithms easily solve linear problems like the best design for a Winter tugboat propeller in San Francisco Bay. CP solves any complex nonlinear problem, in practical ways, without having goals, nor even understanding the exact problems, because solutions are EMERGENT.

Core problem: Mislabeling "difference"
CP says: Fear and selfishness are manifestations of the initial condition of placing a meaning (story / belief) on "separation" other than what it means: simply "difference". This fear fragments our perception of reality which vastly limits emergence. Because Castpoints integrates us with reality, win-win relationships become the default: The larger AND more integrated a market, the more that typical daily tasks create emergence, serendipity, miracles, and saints.

Initial targets are semi-organized groups with lots of turnover: The Maker Movement, PTA's, schools, disaster areas. Then the IoT and everything else.

Revenue model
Nodes that pay dividends pay a small flat transaction fee. This can be paid with money, or a nodes shares. Yes, Castpoints is constantly accruing future income streams. In this sense, Castpoints is like the royalty companies SLW, FNV, RGLD. They trade funding for future streams of income, an awesome business model. They have market caps of ~7 billion, yet only ~20 employees. They are nearly immune from all the potential problems of typical companies, and often have lots of upside.

Basic practical examples
· Active shooters can hurt 1 person every 6 seconds. Using CP for a school emergency management system drops response time to about 10 seconds, is free, vastly reduces school liability, reduces false reports, and can be used by anyone, not just EMS professionals.
· Personalized opportunities are automatically suggested without data mining. Anyone can fund anyone.
· Ads and marketing are partly how we try to bridge the gaps of fragmented markets. In CP, everything is direct. Supply and demand talk directly to each other, or a 3rd party can promote things for a royalty. All parties have skin in the game and all interests are aligned.
· The world's billions of undervalued people become a juicy arbitrage opportunity, yet can't be exploited. When CP goes live, poverty, in all it's forms, dies.
· Current search engines rank things indirectly and so are constantly gamed engendering significant overhead. CP ranks everything directly based on proven ROI (from actual transactions which can't be gamed. Overhead is ~zero.

Castpoints must be a titanic, invasive, and complex data base, right?
Nope! Just codify reality for practical use. Then everything scales and self configures, including prices, based on supply and demand, like nature, with microscopic overhead. Overhead is often believed to  insulate competitors away. But when entities are doing their UNIQUE thing, compeditors become collaborators.

Effectiveness rises 25 to 100% ...
... boring! Get to the sex part! Fine! Whereas the Cambrian Explosion was "hard bodies" (exoskeletons), Castpoints engenders an explosion of the non physical: creativity, discovery, freedom, connection, serendipity, spirituality. People keep asking, "What will everybody do all day once robots do all the commodity jobs?": Creating and enjoying unique experiences.

While using Castpoints to help get daily work done, people are really manipulating things and their CONNECTIONS which makes PATTERNS in every context (fractal). In a personal relationship context, if a pattern is missing or messed up, CP suggests a high probability solution. Yes, if you are "missing" a partner, CP will literally connect you with your "missing piece" that is mostly complementary with all contexts. NOT based on questionnaires, data mining, etc., but based on a proven high ROI pattern fitting of present context & content.

The "abstract view", of dashboards shows patterns. Where the patterns are clear and strong (archtypes), CP suggests next steps based on proven ROI. Where the patterns are not beautiful AND getting in the way of the other stuff, CP suggests high probability changes via any resource: people, tasks, a walk, etc. The pattern / archetype interface groups banal things into 1 manageable thing. This grouping and abstraction up one level is a reason "productivity" is so high and people have so much fun!

Initially low since version 1 is mostly the Incident Command System. Version 2 replaces gov and business, so a bit higher. ;)

List of endeavors CP makes obsolete… 

I have yet to see a startup integrated enough to really address "spirituality"...
A "religious experience" is likely when one gives up meanings (beliefs) of separation and then one can be clearly aligned with reality (divinity), creating clear patterns with lots of throughput. Lots of energy can flow, because emotional baggage is not damn-ing things up. This high flow of energy "feels" good, which in turn stewards us toward handling more power. Aspects of this are now labeled a "flow state"

Level of
Organization via Difference means... All about... Trouble... Energy flows...
Real (low vibration) Small groups Existence, or annihilation, 1 or 0. No story Self Around every corner; nay, in our midst Minimum with chaotic bursts
Abstract (medium vibration) Business (agreement), gov (force) Localized "meaning”. Busy substituting old stories with new stories (beliefs) Self seeking it's place We try to feel better by forcing others to align with us, instead of us aligning with reality. Medium chaotic and a few laminar tides.
Emergence (high vibration) (Distributed) alignment with reality "Just is." Prefers experiences over stories Self knowing it's place and acting from there When out of place Maximum laminar throughput feels like bliss

("Vibration" ~ E=MC^2. Matter is slow energy; energy is fast matter.)

The Castpoints framework reintegrates real, abstract and emergent realities
At the fragmented (real and abstract) stage of development, change seems to risk falling into one of the many cracks -- disconnection / annihilation and so is very resisted. "Beliefs" can only get us to the boundary between cause & effect and emergence. A "leap of faith" is relaxing into the phase change of emergent experince.

CP is a practical antifragile framework that gently replaces beliefs with knowing (gnosis), to reduce the leap of faith, so that we can effectively interact with an abundant reality, know our place, know our purpose, and take inspired action.

Because CP connects trillions of nodes correctly, it will be the first “general purpose artificial intelligence".

Mini AI rant
How can Piers Corbyn predict weather extremes 1.5 months in advance on a puny laptop with 85% accuracy, while $100 million computers with a 100 PhD's scampering about, and AI's up to the gills, can't predict tomorrow's weather? Perhaps because Piers understands weather's initial conditions?

Most AI systems seemingly pride themselves on crunching vast quantities of data. That just shows they are likely sub optimal, except in vertical cases. If you want to study river flows by a town to see if it might be flooded, would you rather gather data near the town, or the headwaters and dam? The answer is both, but with emphasis on the origin. If you are just near the town, you will probably be unable to predict a flood due to dam failure, unless your AI is God. Yet an idiot who is watching the dam crack, can easily "predict" the event with hours of lead time.

There are at least 4 kinds of focus:

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CP makes doing the right thing the obvious default.
Fierce competition is measured realitive to personal potential, not against who we just beat up...
Olympians will sport the same uniform.
Referees aren't needed.

“The one change that has improved my life the most has been to increasingly replace my opinions with curiosity.” ~ Aaron Baldassare